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XBlades Women’s Micro Jet X 19 Football Boot

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Micro Jet X launches performance to new heights.

Made for ultrasonic movement, the Micro Jet X has weight reducing microfibre upper. The Neoprene sock perfectly moulds to your ankle shape, allowing for comfortable fit and reduces slippage inside the boot.
Get ready to leave your mark on the game with Micro Jet X.

XTrust Soleplate
A lightweight outsole built for contact sports, combined with a soleplate you can trust to keep you on the park for longer.
Microfibre Upper
Keeps players light on their feet while reducing foot fatigue. Featuring hydrophobic characteristics the material prevents water absorption during wintery conditions.
Padded Heel
Allows for out of the box comfort, reducing the chance of blisters and greatly increasing boot comfort.
Integrated Sock
A noticeably more comfortable fit that adapts to the players foot to prevent slippage in the boot.
Model: 9WXF
Colour: Obsidian/Firehawk Red

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6, 7, 11