XBlades Instinct Football Boot


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Ibex Soleplate
A lower profile agility focused outsole that proves itself in multiple conditions and through multiple sports. The combination
of blades and studs helps to grip to the ground in dry or wet conditions and provides excellent maneuverability side to side and
incredible take off speed. Ibex equipped boots are designed to help to cut into ground and provide forceful push off ensuring
you’ll be able to chase down any opponent.
Magknit HP Upper
A tight knitted MAGknit construction that creates a locked in feeling as if the boot was magnetised to the foot. The knit is
comfortable and keeps the foot secure in the boot without causing excess friction that could lead to blistering. The knitted
material is lightweight, allowing additional comfort, great for reducing fatigue during exercise.
Moulded Strike Zones
The moulded strike zones give the boot extra structure in areas common to coming in contact with the ball.
In addition the strike zones provide additional friction points, to grip the ball in wet conditions.
Integrated Sock
The integrated sock provides a noticeably better fit ensuring comfort is kept at a premium and improving fit. Our sock
doesn’t just end at the ankle, it wraps your foot from top to bottom, meaning you have a more secure fit and less slippage.
It’s also hella comfy, you probably won’t want to take them off after the game!

Width: 2E
Model: 21INS-TBM
Colour: True Blue/Moonlit Ocean

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