XBlades Flash Fluro Green/Grey Football Boot


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Dare to set the game alight
Flash is with the players ready to leave their opposition behind, those who dare to set the game alight
The internal heel counter inside the Flash 18 supports the Achilles tendon during rapid motion, alongside the cushioned innersole ensuring your feet are balanced and comfortable for longer
With the Flash 18 on your side, you’ll be the quickest on the field
Anatomical EVA Innersole – acts as a cushion between your feet and the ground
This increases comfort but also increases the feeling of movement to prevent foot roll
Sonic Rubber Sole – biochemically designed to increase comfort whilst it allows for fast ground penetration, resulting in increased directional movement speed
X-Release System – allows the boot to forfeit grip where it’s not required
In particularly strenuous conditions this can allow for injury minimisation and increased stability
Internal Heel Counter – In order to keep injuries to a minimum, the internal heel counter is designed to increase Achilles support and allow for a superior fit
Giving the heel a bit of extra protection allows you to focus on the game and not worry about sacrificing your foot comfort
Model: FLA-18

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