XBlades Animal Football Boot – Size 9H



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No holding back in 2020, it’s time to let the Animal loose.

To assist in your hunt, we’ve crafted the perfect tool for the deadly player, an ultralight microfibre upper gives you the speed to chase down or brake way from any opponent, and if they get in your way you’ll be able to step around them at ultrasonic speed with our Sonic Outsole. A widened integrated full-length sock locks the boot to your foot, providing a partnership ready to pursue victory. With Animal, your potential is uncaged, take it on.

Sonic TPU Outsole
Bring the Sonic boom in an iconic bladed outsole, our speciality! The fast ground penetrating studs of our Sonic outsole give you the stability and traction you need to twist out of trouble and are biomechanically positioned to offer more protection.
Lightweight Microfibre Upper
Keeps players light on their feet while reducing foot fatigue. Featuring hydrophobic characteristics, the material prevents water absorption during wintry conditions.
Integrated Sock
The integrated sock provides a noticeably better fit ensuring comfort is kept at a premium and improving fit. Our sock doesn’t just end at the ankle, it wraps your foot from top to bottom, meaning you have a more secure fit and less slippage. It’s also super comfy, you probably won’t want to take them off after the game!
Padded Heel
By securing the foot in a comfortable padded heel, the boot will fit better and be less likely to rub, helping reduce the need to wear them in.

Model: 20ANM-BGB

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