Winmau MvG Adrenalin Steel Tip Dart Set




Machine intelligence combines with MvG design allowing Winmau to create the most radically functional grip in darts technology.
Built using proprietary triple axis mapping and strategically machined to produce darts which feel connected above and beyond any level previously experienced.
Mesmerising PVD Onyx with metallic green detailing, Adrenalin offer the trendiest and most energetic design ever showcased.
Adrenalin’s grip technology radiates confidence, allowing you to hit every shot, every time.
Bring your A-Game.

90% Tungsten
C-Axis Control
Onyx Performance Coasting
Match weighted
Winmau Aluminium Point Protector
Flights: Prism Alpha 6915.143
Shafts: Vecta 7025.204
Weight Distribution: Centre
Barrel Profile: Parallel
Front Profile: Eliptical
Point Type: Black high tensile
Grip Zone: Front and rear
Grip Type: C-axis Control
Grip Level: 4 (1 – Smooth, 5 = Aggressive)
22g 6.00mm x 54.6mm
23g 6.10mm x 54.6mm
24g 6.20mm x 54.6mm
3 x Darts per set
Model: 1441

Additional information

Dart Weight

22g, 23g, 24g, 25g