Swimseal Protective Ear Drops 7.5ml


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SwimSeal ear drops are a unique preventive solution that has been developed by Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to create a waterproof coating in the ear canal
These drops help to prevent painful ears that are common as a result of trapped water
Contains a unique formulation, including tea tree oil, that coats the external ear canal
Natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal (topical treatment only)
Prevents trapped water and other water related ear infections
Contains NO alcohol and is therefore suitable for all ages
TGA Approved
Our ears secrete a natural, protective layer of earwax that lines the ear canal. Contact and exposure to water, as well as excessive use of ear buds, causes this layer to become worn and depleted. Without this layer of wax, water can easily become trapped in the ear, leading to irritation and pain. This can lead to common ear infections, such as swimmer’s ear. SwimSeal ear drops were developed in order to take on some of the properties of natural earwax by coating the external ear canal. The drops (2-3 in each ear) are applied before going into the water and act similarly to natural ear wax creating a waterproof coating in the external ear canal. After two to three hours the SwimSeal coating will wear off and migrate naturally from the ear.
SwimSeal does not build up in the ear
SwimSeal does not affect hearing in any way – Re apply after 2-3 hours
Prevents & Protects SwimSeal is a unique solution that acts like a waterproof coating in the ear canal, removing water as it enters the ear. They are the drops that stop painful ears caused by exposure to water. This Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) approved product is suitable for all ages and is easy to use. Simply apply 2-3 drops in each ear before exposure to water, safely preventing trapped water and protecting the ear from common water-related infections.