Inspire mindful movement to enhance everyone’s performance: this fuels what we do at BAHE.
We believe everyone’s journey is different. There is nothing nobler than an amateur athlete or someone starting their yoga journey. Everyone’s yoga journey is diverse, everyone’s body is unique, and we respect this.
Everyone is welcome to join the BAHE community to share their journey. We want to be a part of it, supporting and witnessing your milestones and achievements, focusing on making you more connected to your body.
That’s why we make yoga products, from the starter to the elite in you, because smarter movement always leads to better living, to better performance.
BAHE (pronounced “BA-HE”), is a Hindi word meaning ‘Flow’.
The word flow has many shades of meaning, but most involve the steady movement of something. Water can flow down a river, electricity can flow through a wire and your body might also flow as you move from one pose to another.

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